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Taskforce Safety Australia actively delivers a modern and sophisticated Safety Service to all our business partners using only the very latest software, testing equipment, industry trends and innovations.

Throughout Sydney and greater NSW, we specialise in large-scale test and tagging where the stakes are high. From schools and hospitals to construction sites and manufacturing, our uniquely professional and cohesive team work together to protect everyone from electrical risk.

The benefits of having your premises inspected and your electrical tags updated regularly include:

● It gives you peace of mind knowing that your premises and equipment are electrically safe.
● It represents your company’s willingness to comply with legislative requirements.
● It reduces the possible risk of safety hazards that may result in injury or loss.
● It shows that your business takes staff and customer safety seriously.
● It minimises the possibility of fines and compensation fees.

All of our technicians have passed Working with Children Check, are fully certified and are covered by $20M of public liability insurance. As a dedicated test and tag service provider, we are able to focus entirely on delivering a cutting-edge service that can manage any scale of project in any industry and their specific compliance regulations.

Even on the larger scale of working with corporations, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, heavy industry, manufacturing, construction, commercial cleaning and beyond, we still have a unique focus on building strong, enduring relationships with our clients. While our present interests are focused almost exclusively on the traditional “Test and Tag” model, we intend to branch out in the near future to include other offerings such as 3 Phase testing and thermal imaging inspections. We also intend to launch a Customer Loyalty Program, which will reward our valued clients with regular special offers and incentives, along with ongoing updates to legislation and other interesting news and information from the Safety Industry.

Simply get in touch with us today to discuss your test and tagging compliance needs.


  • Visual Inspection - We visually inspect appliances, electrical leads, connections and other peripherals for damaged or exposed wiring. We also identify twists in leads and damage to insulation that may pose a severe safety risk.
  • Testing - Once an appliance passes our visual inspection, we proceed with our test using a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) device. This will check the appliance for numerous factors including earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.
  • Test Results and Tagging - Based on the given test results a tag will be placed on the appliance, either a PASS or a FAIL.
  • Report - Our report generating system allows us to export all tested information and run reports within an hour of completing on site. We are able to develop asset registers and report summaries, giving our clients all the information they need if approached by a government representative.
  • Automatic Rescheduling - Our system generates automatic reports and we contact all our customers two weeks before their current tags expire to schedule a revisit. This service offers our customers additional peace of mind by ensuring they are always compliant with standards and that safety risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

Due to the nature of our equipment, on-going re-tests will always be quicker and cheaper as information from the previous tests is stored on our devices. Locations, serial numbers and descriptions are all pre-filled making it possible for us to work through repeated sites at a quicker rate.


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Achieve full compliance with Work, Health & Safety (WHS) and AS/NZS 3760:2010 standards for electrical equipment and accessories.
Our Owners and Technicians are certified by nationally recognised training facilitators and are licensed to inspect and certify electric accessories and appliances in any industry.
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