Alex & Ian

Taskforce Safety Australia was started by Alex Dickinson and Ian Bell; two friends who believed in providing a leading-edge Safety Solutions service that saved customers time, money and compliance stress.

Alex and Ian first met in the Hospitality Industry where they developed a strong and capable team and managed procurement for the Parramatta Leagues Club.

After moving on from there, they met up again in the Cleaning Supply Industry and quickly identified a clear and strong demand for safety-related services, understanding how regular electronic equipment testing is essential to keep customers and staff safe.

Soon after, Alex and Ian completed certificates in Electrical Test and Tag and began driving business to their new joint venture, Taskforce Safety Australia. Both are now actively involved in Business Development, such as expanding Taskforce Safety’s range of service offerings...more on that to be revealed soon.

Together, Alex and Ian now head a growing team of three employees, of which all are certified technicians, with expansion on the horizon.

“There was a unique position in the market for a devoted test and tag company that enables us to focus entirely on our service to our clients, providing industry-leading service and the capability of taking on any size job. Through everything we do, we live the fundamental values we learned in hospitality: the importance of customer care, respect and satisfaction, coupled with affordability, value for money and a proper service that is delivered exactly and as proudly as advertised.” - Alex

Alex Dickinson Taskforce Safety Australia


Ian Bell Taskforce Safety Australia



    Our competitive prices are merged with the most current safety solutions to create exceptional value for money.

  • 5% REBATE

    Enjoy a 5% rebate on your electrical test and tagging and save up to $1,000 on compliance every year.


    Our 100% money-back guarantee is just one way we provide a service you can count on for the long term.