Our Recent Major Assignments


    Facilities First Australia is a national company currently holding multiple contracts within NSW for Ikea stores, shopping centers, major offices and over 150 public schools within the Sydney region.

    We were tasked with rolling out a massive “Test and Tag” service for all of their Cleaners’ equipment, culminating in a comprehensively updated asset register of what equipment was on each of their sites.

    In addition, we provided a complex automated retesting schedule, as Cleaners’ equipment is required to be tested every 6 months, due to high usage levels of their equipment and how hazardous their work may become if all electrical equipment is not inspected regularly.


    Contracted to QUAD Services, Taskforce Safety provided “Test and Tag” services to the nursing homes in their portfolio, and recently completed a full inspection, along with an automatic retesting schedule, at their Head Office in Artarmon.

    Working closely with Facility Service companies has allowed Taskforce Safety Australia to develop an exceptionally high quality and standard of work, especially since there is so much pressure on these companies to maintain higher safety and compliance levels.

    Within this 3-month period, we successfully tested and tagged over 4000 electrical appliances and peripherals.

    Our team is capable of far higher capacity and output volumes, as our recent school-related work shows, where we are restricted to delivering services between 5am and 9am.

Case Studies Taskforce Safety Test and Tag Sydney

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