Construction site SAFETY tips for every Aussie Tradie

A construction is considered a high-risk environment due to the nature of the work and the conditions individuals and their equipment are exposed to. Safework NSW, published between 2012-2015 there was 33, 517 injuries on construction sites. From this 33 of these lead to death. As a community these figures are concerning. As a safety orientated company it is our fundamental mission to reduce these figures as much as possible. In a perfect world we would want this to be zero, as no innocent man/woman deserves to become injured in such a way that there family is left without them.

Although we operate as a test and tag orientated company we are taking the necessary steps to expand our knowledge in the industry and pass it on to our community. Our team have listed some ways to reduce workplace related injuries and contribute to a safer construction site.

  1. Receive proper training either through a course or employer before being left alone (construction sites legally have standards and guidelines every tradesman must work by)
  2. Proper risk management is another necessary component to a safer construction site. By identifying hazards and implementing controls, accidents can easily be avoided. Although sites may have responsible safety officers, all those on site should always show awareness and common sense around potential hazards. Look out for your mates.
  3. Proper signage and access is just one way to eliminate accidents on a job site. By completing safety inductions and following signals/warnings work sites are able to be more controlled and less risk associated.
  4. Anyone on a commercial construction site is required to have all equipment/tools tested and tagged every 3 months. This is due to conditions are high risk environment their tools are exposed too. As well as tools, any extension leads or portable RCD’s are also required to be tested. Legally an rcd must be fitted to power tools prior to use.
  5. A safe work method statement is also implemented by the Australian government  to ensure site safety is prioritised. This is to be completed prior to an individual or a team completing any work on a job site. It is used to highlight, review and control any potential hazards that may be present or arise on a job site

Contact the Taskforce team to handle all your test and tag needs. For any tradesman we are flexible with times and schedules and if you require home visits, we are more than happy to assist.

We will also keep you on our automated schedule based on legislative requirements, ensuring we will visit you once a quarter to ensure your tags are compliant.

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