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When we first developed Taskforce we knew we wanted to adopt modern technologies to not only make our job easier but in return be more efficient and return the costs ‘cut’ back to our customers.

While researching for an asset management system it was clear there were many too choose from but PATorganiser was the only one in Australia that we identified as being developed as a ‘cloud based’ software.

What did this mean for us?

  1. we could literally set up office anywhere
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. Did not have to worry about file management
  4. Avoid double handling of reports, as they can automatically emailed to clients

I was done with the days of connecting a device, dragging and dropping files and then having to complete any form of ‘manual entry’. Not only does this slow down the process of getting registers through to clients but it wastes a lot of time on things that don’t really ‘grow the business’.
PATorganiser has already allowed our team to grow and develop new ideas and i’m so greatful we have had access to a software such as this.

If you’re new to tech, DONT WORRY. The interface and navigation features of the software make it extremely easy to learn. From importing tests, looking up clients or even running reports they have made the whole process ‘simple’ and in a complex world simple works.

See below a section of a report with a ‘failed test’. Through our testing software we are able to photograph and document any necessary information to be passed on to client.

What makes it even better, is it was developed by someone who was actually in the same situation as us so totally understood why it was so important for the PAT inspection service to adopt a modern form of technology.

Moving forward,
We are using the system to assist us in automatic re-scheduling, the awesome features of calendars/scheduling has allowed us to closely monitor upcoming tests and book them in when required. This is important to us as we have total confidence our clients ‘tags’ will always be compliant and they receive the piece of mind they deserve with this type of service. There is nothing more frustrating then investing in a business that offers a service, only for them to not follow through with their word.

At Taskforce, we constantly make it a priority to ensure our clients come first.

Thanks for reading and if you’re new to the trade and require a register management system i recommend PATorganiser.

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