How often does an appliance need to be tested and tagged?

In accordance with AS / NZS 3760:2010 any appliance within the workplace is required to receive a safety inspection based on its level of risk and exposure to hazardous environments.

6 monthly inspection: For any piece of equipment that is exposed to constant flexing or hazardous conditions. We see this a lot in the construction/demolition industry and the cleaning industry.
Examples include:

- power tools
- rcd devices
- vacuum cleaners
- floor polishers

12 monthly inspection: Any piece of equipment that is still subject to flexing without being in an immediate hazardous environment such as:

- laptop chargers
- phone chargers
- office/hotel accessories

5 yearly inspection: This inspection time period is for anything that is not prone to flexing or in and around a hazardous environment.
We still recommend to have these appliances checked within this 5 year period, as there is no guarantee the appliances wasn’t exposed to hazards over such an extensive period.
Discretion should definitely be used and a thorough inspection is required.

Equipment such as:

- fridges
- stationary IEC leads for computers
- washing machines

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